VEK Corporation

“VEK Corporation” incorporated in June 19 2002.
“VEK Corporation” LLP incorporated in June 19 2002. Major business of the company is construction.
“VEK Corporation” is among the leading construction companies of Almaty and the top largest companies of

“VEK Corporation” is the member of Association of Developers of Kazakhstan from March 2003. Participates in Moscow International Business Association. Change!!! - State license to architectural, townplanning and constructional activity № 009516 issued by the Ministry of Trade and Commerce of the RK from August 7, 2002.
The Company registered at the state registry of trade marks on June 21, 2005. “VEK Corporation” proved itself as the safe business partner.
“VEK Corporation” is a pioneer in the real estate sales system: the company introduced “Model House” - the real estates centers with actual size sample apartments what is unique for Kazakhstan.
The technology unusual for Kazakhstan was adopted from the partners from South Korea.
Strategic objects of the company lie in increasing volumes of property development in Kazakhstan and abroad, to satisfy price demands of different social groups; to introduce new technologies in the sphere of construction and real estate sales.

Achievements of the company in the sphere of construction were rewarded by international organizations.
In September 2006 “VEK Corporation” was awarded the Crystal Prize of the International Academy of Architect in “The Best Developer” nomination according to the results of the second republican competition of the best
architectural designs for the period of 2003-2006.

In October 2007 “VEK Corporation” acknowledged “The Best Company of the Year” and awarded the “Crystal Pyramid” the first social constructional prize.

In December 2007 “VEK Corporation” became a prize-winner of the “European Quality” the international prize. This prestigious prize awards to staffs and managers whose products and services comply with the high
quality, competitiveness and European standards.

In early 2010 “VEK Corporation” has completed implementation in its activities of quality management system ISO 9001:2008.
Certificate of Compliance was issued on the basis of data submitted by the well-known global auditing company «SGS».

Obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 enables “VEK Corporation” successfully operate and compete internationally.